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Business communications are the backbone for any company, irrespective of their size. We understand that, and so, we deploy State of the art setup, complete redundancy and multiple call routes to each destination.


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Most of the newer PBXs support SIP Trunking. The chances are your’s too. Please check with your PBX vendor if it does. If it doesn’t, that’s fine too. you can use a VOIP adapter (quite inexpensive) to deploy SIP Trunks in your environment.

All you need is a ATA Adapter that will connect a VOIP extension from our PBX to your analogue phone. There is no need to buy IP Phones unless you are planning to get rid of your oldies for new ones

It is difficult to say without looking at your phone bills, however, we have seen a saving of 75% and upwards of savings by using VOIP

All you need is a good and stable internet connection. You may choose to use hardphones or softphones (dialing software residing on your computer or smart phone) and that’s it.

VoIP for Business

Get your call expenses under control. We provide 100% Pure CLI Direct VOIP routes for your business calls. HD Voice over IP with no unexpected disconnects.

Hosted PBX

No CAPEX !! No need to buy expensive PBX systems, just rent our Cloud Hosted PBX and access your phone lines anywhere in the world. Even when you travel.

Call Center Software

Setup Call Queues, Skill based routing, Call quality monitoring and lots more. It is cost effective and real time. Get detailed visibility into daily call volumes.

Call Recording

Record calls on demand, all inbound calls, all outbound calls or all incoming and outgoing calls. You have complete control and you can download recorded calls for future refference

DID Numbers

Get DID Numbers from over 120 countries. Give you customers and prospects the ability to call a local number instead of international numbers.

Conferencing Center

Most of the times it is better to get all parties on a call and communicate with them. It is said, if your email is longer than three lines, pickup the phone, discuss and then send an email

Our call, anytime, anywhere!

Flexible pricing structure

Company Starter


per user/per month

Subscription breakdown

  • One DID Number
  • User license
  • Device license

Unlimited Plus


per user/per month

Subscription breakdown

  • 2 DID Numbers
  • User license
  • Device license
  • Call plan subscription

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